A visit from Ambassador Shankar

Trustee Dr. Reshma Paranjpe, Board Secretary Jui Joshi, myself, Ambassador Meera Shankar, Board Chair Charles Brodbeck, Trustee Alka Patel

As we work to develop our Tropical Forest India exhibit we were lucky enough to have a special guest who stopped by on April 29th, India’s ambassador to the United States, Meera Shankar. Ambassador Shankar was in town to meet with prominent business, academic and community leaders. The visit was organized by the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh, The Allegheny Conference on Community Development and various other institutions. While at Phipps she took a tour through our conservatory and excitedly listened to plans for our new Tropical Forest India exhibit. We were honored to have her and are very excited to create something that highlights India and Pittsburgh’s growing role in the international community.

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3 Responses to A visit from Ambassador Shankar

  1. Lois Philpot says:

    I just finished reading the grand tour on India and loved it. As a Phipps volunteer, this is great information of the coming exhibit, plus it is entertaining and beautiful with the photos. Thanks so much!
    Lois Philpot

  2. Mallery says:

    I fondly remember Phipps from my time just up the road at CMU, and I’ve been wanting to come back for a visit. Since we’ve sponsored two girls in India through Compassion International (one in Kerala, so I very much enjoyed reading about your trip!), I’d love to come see this exhibit. Do you know roughly when it will be opening to the public? Thank you!

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