Ben here.  11/29

Ok we made it out of Bangalore.  It is a city of about 8 million people and the silicon capital of India.  Nice weather, no rain and not to humid.  I am writing from The Sandesh De Prince Hotel in Mysore right now, about 3 hours southwest of Bangalore.  Today, after sleeping in a bit to make up for our long journey we visited two temples.  The first was a beautiful Muslim temple from the 18th century.  The whole thing was hand painted with natural dyes on rosewood, teak, and sandalwood.  It was the stronghold of the Tipu Sultan before his defeat by the British.  Just amazing, unlike anything I have ever seen.  Next was a royal palace known locally as the Grand Palace.  It was built in the 19th century and was a fine example of how the Hindu kings lived.  Unfortunately photos were not allowed inside and words do not describe the beauty contained within.  But know that no expense was spared in regards to the royal family’s accommodations.  Finally we visited the largest carved bull in all of southern India, Holy cow.  Tomorrow we are off to see the first of a series of national parks, starting with Nagerhole, then on to Bandipur.  We are hoping to see a tiger but with an estimated 250 wild tiger in all of southern India we will need everyone back home to cross their fingers for us.

Hand Carved Bull atop the hill overlooking Mysore

Tipu Sultan's summer palace

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2 Responses to Mysore

  1. Molly Dunigan says:

    Cool photo, everything sounds beautiful so far (including the weather!). Fingers crossed for a tiger-sighting!

  2. MarcyD. says:

    This sounds so amazing Ben. I am happy you have arrived safe and sound, and after a long day here in New York, your blog post just made my evening! I look forward to more blog posts, photos, and don’t forget the Buddha for my collection. Much love from your big sister!!!


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